At ArianaNila, we accept Visa & Mastercard credit or debit cards as well as payments made through PayPal. Orders in Kosovo Albania & Macedonia can also be paid cash on delivery, this only applies to Sterling Silver, Gold Plated & Elecrogolplated products.

All other payments must be paid in full amount before shipment. In order to process a payment, simply click on either the “Continue to Checkout” or the “PayPal Checkout” buttons in the shopping bag. Right after you enter your contact details, you will be redirected to the relevant payment platform.

So, you have looked through our site and want to purchase an item?

Great! Click on the item you would like to purchase so you will proceed to the product’s page. There, you can find information about description, customizable options, and product dimensions.

Each page of the product will have a menu on the right hand side that will guide you in finalizing your personalization. Each box will give you the opportunity to enter each part of your customization. This might include choosing your material, writing your inscription (be sure to take note of character limits), choosing stones or even deciding on your chain length. Once you complete your customization where applicable, click “ADD TO BAG”, and you will be redirected to your shopping bag ready for checkout.

Once you arrive at your shopping bag, you can confirm that all of your order details are correct. If you have a Discount Coupon, this is the place to enter it to redeem the discount.

Once you meet the satisfaction with your order, you may click “CONTINUE CHECKOUT”, which will take you to the contact information page.

Here you will need to fill out your elementary contact details and then, again, click “CONTINUE CHECKOUT”.

The next page is the place  where you enter your payment & shipping information.

As soon as you have successfully completed this page, you will be sent to a confirmation and thank you page and your order will be sent to production!

You will receive a confirmation email with your order details and shipping information.

There are a few reasons why this might have happened:

Sometimes, there is a difference between your actual email address and the one you made the order with.

  • The email might possibly be sent to your spam/junk/promotion folder. Look into these folders and find the email. You can also search for our email address [email protected] and hopefully it will show up in the results.

Mark our domain as “Not Spam” in your email service.

  • Some orders get stopped before being confirmed, this could happen because of special characters in inscription, special requests made by you, an error with the shipping address, or other such matters
  • Give us 24hrs for our team to release the order into a confirmed status.

If you are unable to locate your confirmation email please contact our team and we will be sure to resend it to you

If you have already placed your order, but you selected the wrong product or want to change the personalization details, please contact our customer service team.

Any changes made to an order before it is shipped will happily be accommodated, free of charge. If you are changing the item with a monetary difference, we will send you either a money order or refund, according to the difference.

For custom items, changes made after an order has shipped will incur a 30% restocking fee due to the one of a kind nature of the product.

Gold Items

Changes made after the order is in production, may require a 30% restocking fee.

Once your order has been processed to ‘Manufacturing’, at some products we not all of them, we can still change your order but your delivery date might be delayed.

If you have made your order, but you selected the wrong product or want to change the personalization, please contact the customer service team.

We will be happy to modify your order details for no additional fee, as long as it is a product that can except changes at that point and has not been shipped yet.