Family Bangle Bracelet -Sterling Silver



Warranty service terms are in effect starting from the purchase date.

Standard Warranty (6 months from the date of purchase):

• Damaged Pendant

• Damaged Chain

• Birthstone repair; replacement of lost birthstones

• Arrival of shipment

Premium Warranty (2 years from the date of purchase):

• Standard Warranty conditions

• Free chain replacement

• Accidental damage protection

+ 100% satisfaction & free exchange for any reason

(Up to 100 days from the date of purchase)

Sizing Guide

Step 1/5: First step
  • Hold your hand like you were putting on a bangle. You have to bring all of your fingers together with your thumb and little finger touching.

    Please measure around the hand at the widest point with a tape measure or a strip of paper.

    Make sure to pull the paper or tape measure snug against your skin.

  • Write a mark on the paper with a pen

  • Measure it with a ruler

  • Apply the following chart to determine the diameter of your hand, based on the circumference

  • Enter your measured diameter size:

    Enter your measured circle size:

    Your bangle size is:


(Rectangular bar)

(See our guide ↑)

SKU: AN6180S
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Our family bangle bracelet is a great matching personalized bracelet for all family members , a jewelry that gains its importance as years go by.You can create yours customizing with up to five discs and your own words.

Rectangular Bar: 35x9mm
Discs: 9X9 mm

How to Take Care of My Jewelry?

We understand that you don’t want to take the jewelry off.

However, to keep it looking  best, here are some helpful tips:

  • Leave the jewelry off when you shower and primp.
  • Put the jewelry on after you do your hair and makeup.
  • When applying perfume, take off your jewelry.
  • Take it off when you need to deep clean your space.
  • Avoid chlorine. If you are going to a pool or Jacuzzi, leave your jewelry off.
  • Do not store you piece of jewelry with other jewelries that are not sterling silver or solid gold.


Sterling Silver Care

We expect you to be wearing your sterling silver jewelry day and night, which is great because the oils in your skin actually prevent the jewelry from tarnishing!

An easy way of refreshing your silver is by using a jewelry polishing cloth. This will get rid of any tarnish and smudging that may occur. Polishing clothes are available at almost each jewelers and pharmacies shops.

For extra cleaning we recommend using silver polish!

When you are not wearing your silver jewelry (to shower or sleep), we suggest storing each piece individually an airtight plastic bag to keep them on compartment (we suggest to use silica gel packets to help absorb moisture from the air). This surely will prevent your pieces from getting scratched or tangled and it will also reduce the potentially harmful exposure to outside elements..


Storage and Travel

To have your jewelry ready to wear, it is best to keep each piece separate to keep it away from tangling and tarnishing.

For sterling silver jewelries, we recommend using an airtight plastic bag to keep moisture out.

For yellow and rose gold plated jewelry, you can just keep each piece in a soft pouch.


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