Initials & Name Bracelet -Rose Gold Plated



Warranty service terms are in effect starting from the purchase date.

Standard Warranty (6 months from the date of purchase):

• Damaged Pendant

• Damaged Chain

• Birthstone repair; replacement of lost birthstones

• Arrival of shipment

Premium Warranty (2 years from the date of purchase):

• Standard Warranty conditions

• Free chain replacement

• Accidental damage protection

+ 100% satisfaction & free exchange for any reason

(Up to 100 days from the date of purchase)

Sizing Guide

Step 1/5: First step
  • Locate your wrist bone to measure around. Search  for the bony bump where your wrist bone protrudes out. You have to  measure the circumference of your wrist over this bump to get your standard wrist measurement in either inches or centimeters.

    Measure your wrist circumference accurately. No matter if you’re using a fabric measuring tape, a retractable tape measure, a string , or a paper.

  • Make sure it wraps snugly around your wrist and over the bump of your wrist bone. Make a mark on  the spot where it meets.

  • Measure the distance with your ruler.

  • Apply the following chart to determine your ring size.

  • Enter your measured size:

    Your wrist size is:

Up to five capital letters.

Up to nine letters.

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Do you know someone who just gave birth to her first baby ?  Well than this loving personalized bracelet may be the gift you were looking for , it’s  designed to carry  baby’s name and parents initials. Combination between majuscule and minuscule characters is what makes this bracelet cool. Suitable for everyday wear .

Dimensions may be variable due to different name lengths.

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How to Take Care of My Jewelry?

We understand that you don’t want to take the jewelry off.

However, to keep it looking  best, here are some helpful tips:

  • Leave the jewelry off when you shower and primp.
  • Put the jewelry on after you do your hair and makeup.
  • When applying perfume, take off your jewelry.
  • Take it off when you need to deep clean your space.
  • Avoid chlorine. If you are going to a pool or Jacuzzi, leave your jewelry off.
  • Do not store your piece of jewelry with other jewelry that is not sterling silver or solid gold.


Sterling Silver 925 –Rose Gold Plated Care

You’ll probably be wearing these pieces a lot. An easy way to keep them shining is by taking a bowl with a mixture of warm water and mild dish detergent, and letting the jewelry soak for a few minutes. Once soaked, rinse it with water and dry it with a polishing cloth.

For tarnish and smudges, only use a polishing cloth. If you need to buy one, polishing cloths are available at jewelers and pharmacies shops.

For the times you are not wearing your jewelry, we recommend keeping them individually in a soft pouch or bag to keep them on compartment (we suggest to use silica gel packets to help absorb moisture from the air). This surely will prevent your pieces from getting scratched or tangled and it will also reduce the potentially harmful exposure to outside elements.


Storage and Travel

To have your jewelry ready to wear, it is best to keep each piece separate to keep it away from tangling and tarnishing.

For sterling silver jewelry, we recommend using an airtight plastic bag to keep moisture out.

For yellow and rose gold plated jewelry, you can just keep each piece in a soft pouch.

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